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Our 1-year Meaningful Leadership program is designed to equip present and future generations of leaders with mindsets and skills to change the world.

What is Meaningful

Over the course of one year, you will develop your own entrepreneurial practice, develop new skills, become part of a diverse and global community, and create meaningful work.

Learn by doing.

As a Kaospilot, you're not just following the known paths but you create your own. To learn, you have to do. You have to apply. You have to create. Therefore, you will work one real projects with real clients and partners. We provide the support but we're not going to do the work for you.

At its core, the program is about the practice of being responsible in regards to yourself and life around you - in a way that is meaningful, while also becoming comfortable to deal with uncertainty and not-knowing.

Making a difference.

As a Kaospilot, you will create change. Therefore, you will dive-deep into the nitty-gritty practices of change-making and will learn how to facilitate teams, communicate in non-violent ways, create sustainable business models, and so much more.

A different education for a different world.

The world around us is extremely complex and we face many challenges. Our education aims to support you to solve problems, create new solutions, and grow as a person. We need people who take over responsibility and steers us towards a more sustainable future.

The Meaningful Leadership program should be meaningful to you. Therefore, not everyone will follow the same learning path over the course of the year but you will be able to choose and follow your interest. Always supported by the Kaospilot+ team and practitioners from the field.

Program Timeline

Our Approach

By providing students with the tools and mindsets to actively create their own learning journey as a leader, we equip them to define their own personal meaningful direction as well as to develop a practice of designing, implementing and leading impactful projects.At the core of this unique education are the ideas of co-creative project work, real-world experience and learning from and with each other in teams, the wider community, through hands-on workshops and together with world-leading experts.

What you will learn

We learn by making experiences, by reflecting, making mistakes, and by learning from and with others about our own role and behavior. In this course you will learn to:

  • Define your direction and continuously gain new insights on your personality, perception and relation to the world
  • Build a portfolio of holistic, systemic and sustainable interventions and solutions
  • Lead yourself and others through complex situations and challenges
  • Design your own learning journey and challenge your objectives
  • Radically collaborate with others that are different from you
  • Build resilience by being challenged and learn how to deal with conflict and complexity

Costs, Dates
& Details

A holistic program that explores leadership, design, impact and entrepreneurship.

In English

Expected to start Q4 2021. Final dates, price, and payment modalities will be announced soon!

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