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Our 1-year Leadership in Systemic Activism programme is designed to equip present and future generations with mindsets and skills to change the world.

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How do we really create change in the world?

Everyone is talking about change, but what can we actually do to not only raise our voices, but to put action to our words, and create movements that last beyond today?
That's what this programme is about. It's about identifying your own values and cause, about finding a community and space to work with and in, about creating real solutions and initiatives in collaboration with others. It's about learning to step into different roles at different times - know when to be the activist, opponent, and critique, and when to lead regeneratively.
And, it's about learning to lead transitions, change and movements, to deal with setbacks and challenges, to build resilience and strength in character.

If you're looking for a deep, challenging and transformational learning experience about how to actually move the world, then this programme is for you.

✊ Fight injustice.
❤️ Create solutions.
🌎 Lead change.

Philosophy of the Programme

‍The programme is founded on the belief that positive change can be achieved through collaborative initiative, innovative design value-based leadership, and activistic engagement.
The programme is based on a community based approach, rooted in real-world projects and inspired by the belief that the best learning and creating are interconnected activities, thus learning should be experiential, engaging and meaningful.

What makes this learning experience unique is that we put learning at the center of what we do. It's not about creating a shiny project or about writing a good exam, but it's about what kind of person you come out of the experience as. We're aware that learning can be uncomfortable. And we embrace even the uncomfortable parts of the journey. This is why you are not doing this alone but together with wonderful peers and experienced mentors. We are there to create and hold a space where you can grow and become a stronger, more resillient, more creative, more empathic change maker.

A different education for a different world.

Individual Transformation is at the heart of this program. As a student you don’t only learn to grow into the person you want to be - but you get to co-create the journey itself.
By providing you with tools and mindsets to actively create your own learning journey as a change maker, the programme supports you to define your own personal and meaningful direction. You are equipped to develop a practice of making, voicing and leading your own value-based change projects.

At the core of this unique education are the ideas of co-creative project work, real-world experience and learning from and with each other in teams, the wider community, through hands-on workshops and together with real activists and practitioners.
Not everyone will follow the same learning path over the course of the year but you will be able to choose and follow your interest, passion and individual cause.

Learners in Kaospilot+ programes take initiatives and are open to exploring the potential of any given opportunity, challenge or situation. They navigate complexity and ambiguity with patience and a sense of groundedness. They have a deep sense of personal agency and who seek to collaborate with others and put themselves in service of a bigger agenda.

We explore what systemic transformation is all about by exploring relevant content and concepts (Activism, Design, Leadership) and nitty-gritty practices: how do you design a workshop, practice non-violent communication, or create sustainable ways to finance your project.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is aimed at anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. We're looking for people who see potential solutions in any problem, who are not content with what is, but want to create a tomorrow that is better.
You do not need any specific experience to join this programme. Each of our paths is unique and we strongly believe in individual learning paths, strengths and skill sets. What you should bring is the will and passion to create a better world, for people and planet.

We know we cannot change the world alone, that's why we have created this programme: For people to come together, to learn from and with each other and to find a community of real change-makers.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn
We learn by making experiences, by reflecting, making mistakes, and by learning from and with others about our own role and behavior. In this course you will learn to:

  • Define your cause and direction and continuously gain new insights on your personality, perception and relation to the world
  • Build a portfolio of holistic, systemic and sustainable interventions and solutions by working on different projects
  • Lead yourself and others sustainably and with care through complex situations and challenges
  • Design your own learning journey and challenge your objectives
  • Radically collaborate with others that are different from you
  • Build resilience by being challenged and learn how to deal with conflict and complexity
  • Work with systemic change through lenses of Activism, Leadership and Design.

Topics you will explore
Students learn together with and from activists, making sense of various definitions and practices constituting activism. They identify systems of oppression, practices of resistance and explore forms of solidarity from around the globe to learn about creating and leading collective solutions that are truly bottom-up, intersectional, and systemic. We believe that it is important to develop one’s own practice of activism in the 21st century to dismantle the racist, misogynist, oppressive, neocolonial, and extractive systems still in place causing global injustice.

With climate and technological change, disruptive industries, markets, and political crises, people, organizations, and societies are confronted with more and more complexity and uncertainty. In order to contribute to a systemic and sustainable transformation of the living systems, cultural, societal, and organizational structures that we’re part of, we need skills, mindsets, and tools to navigate accordingly. Our impact depends not uniquely on our work and projects, but on our characters, value systems, and leadership skills.

In recent decades the meaning of design has expanded beyond the mere visuals or graphics that are added to a project in the final phases of roll-out. Instead, at Kaospilot+ Berlin, we practice design as a holistic approach. Design starts early in the creation process, acknowledges systemic perspectives, and involves user research, creating ideas and concepts, involving stakeholders, testing hypotheses, and building prototypes. It also includes looking at how the natural world around us functions and getting inspired by that in how we design interactions and processes.

What can you do after completing the programme?
A graduate from the KAOSPILOT+ Berlin 1-year programme is prepared to practice their activism and work for social and environmental justice and can take on leadership roles in value-based projects, enterprises, and organizations. Graduates will head into diverse fields and directions, equipped with a lifelong learning mindset, a supportive and inspiring community, and a strong sense of purpose and personal agency. And those who want to continue with a Kaospilot learning experience are well equipped to join the 3 Year Enterprising Leadership Programme in Aarhus.

Berlin Activism Ecosystem

The city of Berlin has a unique rebellious spirit and attracts especially impact-driven people, movements, startups, and initiatives. With its international, diverse, and multicultural inhabitants, the city is a never-ending container for intercultural connections and learning. Therefore it is an ideal living context to be inspired by, a great playground to create impact with and for the city. Kaospilot+ Berlin is located at Atelier Gardens, home of the historic BUFA Film Studios, where many actors of societal transformation are based and do their work. Learners are therewith embedded in an ecosystem of actors of societal transformation and action and can learn with and from these norms critical, bold, and visionary transformation agents.

Costs, Dates
& Details

A holistic programme exploring activism, leadership and design to support initiating and leading systemic change.

1 Year
In English

We will share news here when applications will open for the next round of the programme.

400€ + VAT*
per Semester

476€ incl. 19% VAT

*We decided to cross-finance the first round of the programme for accessibility. Otherwise the programme costs 10.591 EUR. More infos

Applications closed


Who can apply?

We are looking for makers, activists, optimists, doers, rebels, creatives, and out-of-the-box thinkers. We embrace diversity and encourage anyone to apply regardless of race, color, religious creed, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital or parental status.
We are looking for individuals who are excited to create change, who want to challenge the status quo, and who are willing to do their part in making the world a better place. Students will have a great learning journey if they come with an open mind, are ready to learn, and love to work creatively and collaboratively.

How can I pay for/finance the programme?

The fees for the programme are paid per semester or at once. If you have any questions please reach out to

Can you say more about the time commitment the 1-Year Programme requires?

Generally, our programme runs from Mon-Thu. To get an idea of how some of the weeks look like, have a look at the next question. In addition to curated inputs, you will work independently on your own personal and collective projects. We believe that the more time you have to immerse yourself fully in the learning journey, the more you will get out of it and encourage you to take time for the programme. We are open to support you in finding individual setups, in case you need that to finance your participation or for other reasons.

What does a typical week look like?

As mentioned above, our programme runs on a 4-day week, Monday - Thursday. This means Friday is always a non-programme day on which you are free to work, run errands, take care of your family, work on your own projects, sleep, dance, you name it. The other four days we expect you to commit to the programme. However, the way we have designed the programme, there is quite a lot of independent project work that will be up to you to define.

There are some weeks that will be very intense where you are likely to spend most of your time in the school, then there are weeks that look a bit like this: A lot of independent project work, a few pre-scheduled sessions, a learning group meeting, an optional evening event.

How do German COVID regulations affect the programme?

The safety and wellbeing of our community is our priority. We will be operating within the government guidelines and the delivery format and our space will reflect this. In case COVID regulations restrict us from working in person we keep the option to cancel the programme. In this case, any fees already paid will be fully reimbursed.

Where will the programme take place?

The Kaospilot+ Berlin campus is located in Berlin-Tempelhof and part of the Atelier Gardens, next to the Tempelhofer Feld. This is where our programme will take place & where you are based during most of the learning journey.

How does the admission process look like?

You will receive a confirmation mail once your application has arrived in our inbox. We will then notify applicants shortly after the application deadline on July 31st, 2022 whether they are invited for a further (online) admission process, taking place on August 8th. The final application results will be shared shortly after.

Can I apply as a Non-EU citizen?

Yes, you are very welcome to apply as a Non-EU citizen. As our programme is not officially accredited, we can't grant you an official student status, but we will do our best to support you in any way we can to make your participation possible.

Will I get awarded a degree after completing the programme?

You will receive a Kaospilot+ Berlin certificate but no state accredited degree, as we are not a state-recognized educational institution and stand with our radical design that doesn't fit the traditional educational systems requirement. This is an active choice and we believe that these requirements would not allow us to create a programme the is truly centered on the individual learner's needs.

Are there any (educational) requirements to participate?

We don’t expect you to have completed any kind of degree or formal education beforehand - we believe if they want to learn anyone can have a positive impact. We want people to come with an open mind and be themselves. Nevertheless, you should be comfortable with communicating in English, as it is our main language in the programme and community.

Can I join without a specific project or business idea?

Yes! You can develop your idea during the program. And even if you are not working on your own business and project, you will gain valuable skills and insights that can be applied to many different situations. The programme is about your personal development as much as it is about developing meaningful and impactful ideas, as well as doing business sustainably.

Do I have to be an activist in order to participate?

You do not have to identify as an activist to participate, nor have to prove any previous specific activistic engagement. We believe that to create the futures we desire we need to be able to stand up for what they believe in, and approach change in a sustainable and systemic way. Leadership in the future needs to draw inspiration from activist movements to radically enable people to practice their cause. Basically, we think there are many ways your activistic practice can look like and that it is something you can develop in your own way.

Do you need more information?

Feel free to reach out to for any additional questions.