Our Values and Principles

We live in some turbulent times where not taking a stance is no longer an option. As a provider of educational programmes, we have the responsibility to shape the next generation and we aim to offer a space for genuine, relevant and radical learning.

Our learning platform educates value-based and driven change-makers, and our organization is actually made of similar values-based and driven humans, who seek to make this world collectively better. For transparency and inspiration, we want to share our Values & Mission with you.

Our Values: What Drives Us

We’re done with business as usual.

→ We challenge the status quo.

→ We don’t fall back into old patterns, for the sake of tradition. Instead, we challenge what needs to change and act accordingly.

→ We're creative in how we go about change.

We strive to be an inspiration for others.

→ We take responsibility for our actions

→ We want to behave in the way that's best for the world

We love learning.

→ We're open and curious about how we approach the world around us.

→ We believe everyone can learn, grow and develop.

→ We embrace challenges and persist setbacks.

→ We learn from the mistakes we make.

It’s not enough to sustain the status quo.

→ We believe it's time to change things radically, systemically.

→ We try our best to create solutions for good.

→ We want to make a real difference, but just feel good about ourselves.

→ We don't stop with ideas but strive to affect change in the world.

We’re ready to leave our comfort zones

→ We know real learning takes guts.

→ We're not just ready to challenge the world around us, but ourselves as well.

Our Principles: What's at the Core of our Learning Programmes

🌱 Always start humble.

🦹 Do things with courage.

🪜 Follow insight with action.

💚 Meet others with compassion.

👯 Work together.

✊ Stay true.

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