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(Junior) Researcher

Freelance (Retainer) or Part-Time (preferred) | Remote with access to our office in Berlin | Fluent in English and German | Starting as soon as possible

You can apply until March 23, 2022. We will review applications on a rolling basis starting from March 16th.

We are looking for a researcher to join our team, who is interested in transforming insights into action!

The Role
We don’t care about degrees but rather your practice and you should have qualitative research experience, focusing on interviewing and visual reporting. In addition, you ideally have some experience in UX research and managing online research communities, feel comfortable using various methodologies, and know your way around different tools and frameworks.

What you should bring..

  • Experience in qualitative research (ideally with a focus on interviewing and mobile ethnographies)
  • Great (visual) reporting skills
  • An interest in education, learning, and complex systems
  • Excellent communication skills in English and German
  • An understanding of UX research (and design)
  • A genuine curiosity to use, explore and improve tools, methodologies, and frameworks

What you will do..

  • Setting up, leading, and running research projects of various sizes
  • Prepare, moderate, and document interviews and group discussion
  • Set up and facilitate online communities/mobile ethnographies
  • Create actionable reports
  • Transform insights into concepts & models

What we offer..

How to Apply
We accept all forms of applications handed in until March 23, 2022. We don’t need a traditional CV or cover letter but if you feel more comfortable with that format please stick with it. You should highlight your previous (practical) experience. In addition, we would love to learn a little bit about yourself (if you’re comfortable sharing) and your motivation to work with us.

Please send questions and applications to

About Us
We support educational development, develop new learning formats, and activate organizations from various sizes (mostly in the field of education & learning) to have an impact. Therefore, you should be genuinely interested in (progressive) education and learning as well as navigating complex systems.

At Kaospilot+ Berlin, we value the diversity of our community and of the people we hire and serve. Therefore, we highly encourage underrepresented job seekers to apply.

KAOSPILOT+ Berlin offers a learning platform for design, sustainable entrepreneurship, and positive change. It is founded on the belief that positive social impact can be achieved through collaborative initiative, innovative design, and value-based leadership. You can learn more about our work on or by reaching out to us if you want to learn more.

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