Scholarship Application

Open for our Meaningful Entrepreneurship Course.

Application Deadline: March 5th, 2021, at 12:00 AM CET.

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Womxn Scholarship

Gender stereotypes and huge gender pay gaps are only some of many structural disadvantages that have as a consequence that womxn entrepreneurs are still underrepresented in the landscape of business - but their perspectives are so urgently needed.

To support womxn entrepreneurs on their mission to reshape our economy, we offer a Womxn Entrepreneurship Scholarship for the course.

Criteria: Identifying as Womxn, Impact Focused Idea, Clear Goals & Values

General Scholarship

Challenging times can sometimes create opportunities to rethink and rebuild parts of our economy and improve them on the way - making it more sustainable and diverse. But we need a variety of perspectives included in the process for that to happen, which is why we have set up a general scholarship for people that could otherwise not afford to participate.

We want to support a person with an impact focused idea that does not have the financial means to participate.

Criteria: Financial Need, Impact Focused Idea, Clear Goals & Values

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