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Navigating Chaos

A 6-month long hybrid leadership experience that helps you deal with complexity and supports you to build the capacity to create impact inside your team, organization, and community.

Learn to lead in
complex situations.

This blended learning journey helps you develop your personal leadership style and practice and supports you in embedding it in your unique field and environment.

Over the course of 4 intense leadership retreats, weekly online sessions, and individual work in between, you will define or redefine your leadership approach by leading others and being lead by them.

You will work and learn with a team of leaders from various backgrounds, receive 1-on-1 guidances, and be challenged and inspired by experts and practitioners from various relevant fields.

Program Timeline

So, what is the program about?

Defining your personal direction and leadership style.

What makes a great leader? How do you lead others and yourself? To grow as leaders, we have to reflect on our purpose and direction. Exploring that can be challenging but practicing personal inquiry can connect us to what is meaningful to us and thereby to our motivation to lead and create.

Learning to explore our personal narratives helps us shift, redirect, and stay in control of our direction and narrative.
Together, we will explore what moves us and identify a leadership style, tools, and methods to move others.

Recognizing and dealing with complexity in systems and relationships.

We will dive into systems thinking, complexity, and chaos theories and practices. You will learn to apply a systems perspective in various situations to assess the complexity. Recognizing complexity is a practice in itself and only after being able to understand it, one will able to deal with and lead in complexity.

You will learn to navigate seemingly chaotic situations for yourself and as a leader of a team while dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Being able to identify and handle conflict.

If we meet resistance in our efforts to have an impact, there’s a high chance that we’re on a path to lasting change and a real transformation. Quite often, one tends to move away from resistance and conflict to stay in a safe, well known space - but we need to explore and penetrate resistance in order to learn and progress. 

By working with conflict resolution, non-violent communication, and radical collaboration, we want to evolve to new levels of leadership and collaboration, where we can even collaborate with our strongest competitors, if needed.

Designing your learning journey and challenging your objectives.

Learning is not something that ends when we graduate from a formal education or training. Learning is lifelong and inevitable! It happens, if we want to or not. But we can steer the learning by making it self-directed, it becomes more powerful and purposeful.

The programme allows you to design your own learning journey and experiment with ways of learning that suit you best. We will both support and challenge your objectives to help you create a truly new learning experience.

Applying your leadership skills and direction in a real world context.

Throughout the course you will practice and apply your learnings directly in your personal context, projects, and work. That includes self-leadership skills as well as those you practice in teams or an organizational context. 

We don’t only strongly believe in learning by doing, but also practice it in all our programmes. This means, we will work hands-on, apply learnings in real contexts and challenge you to leave your comfort zone.

This will make the learnings actionable and help you advance as a leader.

Costs, Dates
& Details

A leadership program for professionals who want to navigate complex situation.

Online + In-Person
In English

The program is scheduled to start in January, 2022.

Final dates, price, and payment modalities will be anounced soon.

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