Berlin Residency

October 07 - November 07, 2021

Photo by Dea Juul Larsen

Applications are closed for our Residency 2021.

If you just found out about our residency and are now thinking, "Noooo, how did I miss this?", fill in these questions to be placed on our waiting list.


Work on your own project while being supported and surrounded by a community of creatives, practitioners, students and visionaries. Explore your own leadership skills, challenge yourself and be part of the first residency cohort at our Kaospilot+ Berlin campus.

As a resident, you apply with a project or project idea and spend four intense weeks developing your project while working on your leadership skills and being part of an inspiring and diverse community.
Regular milestones help you stay on track and support you to learn from each other. Leadership and community workshops allow you to work on your own leadership skills and to expand your toolbox as a change maker.

“You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin

Who can apply?

We are looking for individuals who are excited to create change, who want to challenge the status quo, and who are willing to do their part in making the world a better place. Residents will have a great learning journey if they come with an open mind, are ready to learn and love to work creatively and collaboratively.

We are looking for makers, activists, optimists, doers, rebels, creatives, and out-of-the-box thinkers.

We embrace diversity and encourage anyone to apply regardless of race, color, religious creed, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital or parental status.

Why participate?

You have this idea that's been sitting in a drawer for the last year? You need a break from your everyday job? You want to make a change in your life? You want to take time to focus on something that's truly meaningful for you? You want to learn new skills and work on yourself? You don't quite know how to get started, or don't want to do this alone?

The residency is the chance for you to immerse in the Kaospilot community, to share your skills, build things together, to learn from others and yourself, and to expand your horizon. It's the chance to be part of the first residency cohort, and thus to shape and contribute to our growing Berlin community.

The Big Vision

Kaospilot+ Berlin is on a mission to create learning formats that empower individuals to flourish, teams and communities to work together, and that help make the world a better place. We love learning and strive to be an inspiration for others. That's why we create educational journeys that help you leave your comfort zone, and help you learn from each other.

    Once here, you will...

    • experience the Kaospilot approach
    • experience a radically collaborative way of working
    • re-narrate your own potential when it comes to learning
    • gain a new understanding of community and collaboration
    • focus on and create your own project
    • work in a supportive community - support others and receive support for your project
    • be part of a community of inspiring individuals
    • work on and challenge cutting edge themes such as... new work, systems thinking, and leadership

    At a glance

    The residency is a unique opportunity to be part of the vibrant Kaospilot community in Berlin.

    4 Weeks
    Full-Time in Berlin
    In English

    Oct 07 - Nov 07, 2021

    Participation Fee: 1200€ (excl. VAT)

    Student Fee: 900€ (excl. VAT) (requires a valid student ID)

    Waiting List


    Is the residency full-time?

    Yes. The residency is full-time (we consider full-time Mon-Fri). However, this doesn't mean that there will be a programme happening all the time. A lot of the time you will work independently on your projects. In our experience, you will make the most out of the residency if during these four weeks you don't have other jobs or side projects going on.

    What is included in the participation fee?

    The fee covers your participation in the program and workshops, access to a working space, water, coffee, and snacks. It does not cover accommodation, travel expenses, or meals.

    How do German COVID regulations affect the residency?

    The safety and wellbeing of our community is priority. We will be operating within the government guidelines and the delivery format and studios will reflect this. In case COVID regulations restrict us from working in person we keep the option to cancel the residency. In this case any fees already paid will be reimbursed.

    Where will the residency take place?

    We will be based at our Berlin campus in Berlin-Tempelhof, next to the Tempelhofer Feld.

    How many residents do you accept?

    We will invite a maximum 20 residents to join the programme.

    What does Meaningful Entrepreneurship mean?

    Entrepreneurship is often described as the capacity and ability to design, develop and start a new business. We believe that Meaningful Entrepreneurship is the act of starting an initiative that serves people and the planet. It is focusing on a sustainable profit for all stakeholders, which goes far beyond capital.

    When will I know if I got in?

    We will notify applicants at the beginning of September.

    I have another question, how can I contact you?

    Feel free to reach out to for any additional questions.